Create fun educational resources for your Company

Onboarding made engaging and fun

As new joiners stack up, questions can be implemented in our platform to gamify and incentivize learning.

With various types of rewards at stake, and with content placed in the context of an engaging game, your employees can be motivated to more quickly learn necessary information in a way that is more fun than typically dry, linear, and ineffective onboarding test modules.

Continuous learning within your organization

As with incentivizing new hires to learn the basics of a given organization, the game can encourage members to stay up to date on policies, advancements within a field, or new technology implemented in the organization.

Regular events scheduled over many instances – in which some topics and questions are repeated and switched out where spaced repetition and testing effects are leveraged to ensure your employees never forget.

Icebreaker activity for team building

Outside of courses and learning via quizzes, Eggheads can be used as a socialization tool for team members to get to know one another better.

Whether the questions implemented are about the organization itself or the individuals participating, the competitive and fun platform offers an engaging and interesting opportunity for team building gelling new and existing employees together.

Reward your employees with revenue driving prizes

Within Eggheads you can give out cash or vouchers for top performers or set up discounts or vouchers for your existing products and services creating a win-win for everyone.

Mitigate losses from lack of news, regulatory, technology or safety policy knowledge.

We understand that all organizations adhere to regulations and run risks of employee / contractor negligence jeopardizing your company's reputation, earnings and quality service.

As a result we can run regular courses and quizzes for Financial Industry, Service Economy and Infrastructure Providers to keep them incentivised to be updated all the time.



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